pühapäev, 6. detsember 2009

Languages Through Lenses 3

Call for students, Deadline: 1 March 2010


We look for witty video clips to motivate for language learning.

Duration: 60 to 90 seconds

Who can apply?
Applications will be accepted from students in their third, fourth or fifth year of study at ELIA and CILECT member institutions in the 27 European Union Member States and in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey. The teaching institution has to formally support the student’s application.

Theme: Benefits of knowing foreign languages
richness the diversity of languages represents

Express a clear message,
easily understandable to a broad public with different backgrounds and mother tongues - without dubbing our subtitles understandable in itself - without further explanations

The video should
attract the attention of the viewer motivate people to learn languages and /or
raise interest in other people/cultures/languages
Take a look from a new and fresh angle, surprise us. Make us curious. Make us longing for new languages and cultures. Use emotions and fun!

What will the selected applicants receive?

A maximum of 15 proposals will be selected. Each selected applicant will receive a 5000 € production grant for the video. A workshop will be organised in Amsterdam on 15 and 16 April 2010 to discuss the project with experts. Travel and hotel costs will be covered for two persons per selected project.
The finalised videos of the selected projects will be presented in a special competition category of its own during PRIX EUROPA in Berlin (16 to 23 October 2010). A jury - including the selected students - will vote on the best contribution. The winning video will be awarded the PRIX EUROPA Prize for "Best Video on Multilingualism of the Year 2010 by a Student". The selected participants will be actively involved in PRIX EUROPA, including participation in specialised
workshops. Travel and hotel costs will be covered for two persons per selected project.
The official language at PRIX EUROPA is English. At least one of the representatives of the project has to be sufficiently proficient in English to join discussions and/or explain concepts.
A DVD of selected videos will be produced. The European Commission will use this compilation to promote the benefits of multilingualism in Europe. In this context, the DVD will also be distributed to television stations.