neljapäev, 16. november 2017

Call for videoblogger at PÖFF

Nisimazine in partnership with NISI MASA Estonia is preparing an up-coming edition in Tallinn,
Estonia, from November 26th to December 3rd 2017 in the context of the Black Nights International Film Festival.

The Black Nights International Film Festival in Tallinn is the most relaxed and compact A-list festival you will ever go to. With screenings taking place in several locations around the centre and the beautiful Old Town, you will only need a map for the first two days, and even then you will wonder if you needed it at all. Besides the excellent film programme and insightful industry events, you get the chance to enjoy the city, which is small, charming and full of hidden and very original bars and restaurants, and not very expensive if you avoid tourist traps (these will duly be pointed to you both by festival staff and your experienced tutor and co-ordinator).

Estonia is on the world’s forefront in digital technology and internet (did you know it was two Estonians who invented Skype?), and the festival’s industry section deals a lot with multimedia, cross-media, VR and other innovative platforms, and especially new forms of storytelling. Writers interested in this fast-developing, multi-faceted area of artistic approach and tech possibilities will be encouraged to investigate and cover them for Nisimazine.

Estonians are a great mix – or they are half-way – between Slavic and Nordic peoples (although they are a tribe for themselves, apparently related to Finns and Hungarians, maybe this is the best way to describe them). From the Slavs they took warmth and good looks, and from the Nordics they picked professionalism and creativity. And they combined drinking habits from both. Unlike Slavs, they all speak English, and unlike Nordics, most of them speak Russian.

To apply, please fill in the application form by 23:59 CET on 30th of October 2017. Please read below for more details on the application and selection process.

Nisimazine Workshops

For over a decade now NISI MASA has developed a considerable experience in publishing a free
daily, weekly and monthly gazette during some of the major Film Festivals in the world. The
magazine is made in the frame of a film journalism workshop for young aspiring film journalists.
Nisimazine film journalism workshops have taken place during many international events, such as:
Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, International Documentary
Amsterdam Festival, Torino Film Festival (Italy), DocPoint Helsinki (Finland), Alba Intl Film Festival, Festival de Lima (Peru), Festival do Rio (Brazil), Abu Dhabi Film Festival (United Arab Emirates), Tallinn Black Nights (Estonia), San Sebastian International Film Festival (Spain) only to name a few.

Since 2006 over 200 young critics from all over the world have benefited from developing their
skills in a stimulating international environment.


Nisimazine Tallinn will be published online and spread through a network of thousands of contacts
in the cinema industry. The output will be a mix of film reviews, interviews, thematic articles and

Editorial Team

Tristan Priimagi will head the editorial team of Nisimazine Tallinn. The team will be involved in daily editorial meetings including discussions of each of their texts and group feedback sessions.


As of the announcement of selected participants, the essential preparation period will begin. There
will be 1 collective Skype meeting before the official beginning of the workshop. This meeting is
compulsory and will be arranged at the most convenient and practical time for the group.

The preparation and workshop period is organized as follows:

September 29th – October 30th: Application period
October 31st: Announcement of selected participants
October 31stth – November 26th: Preparation period
November 26th – December 3rd: Workshop Period

Application Guidelines

The final application deadline for candidates is 23:59 CET on October 30th. Filling in the
application form is a prerequisite. All other application material must be sent via email
to under the subject line “LAST NAME Name Application for Nisimazine
Tallinn 2017”. Please also submit one passport-style photo with your application. Providing
evidence of previous work is advised. However, lack of previous experience is not a factor taken
into account at the moment of selection, as part of Nisimazine’s mission and objectives is opening
such opportunities to people with a genuine love for film.

By filling in the application form candidates confirm their availability to attend the workshop for the
entire duration and their motivation to actively take part in necessary preparation meetings and
activities in advance. There will be 1 mandatory Skype chat meetings (date to be confirmed).

Participation Rules

Participants will come to Black Nights Film Festival between 26th of November and 3rd of December, 2017.

Accommodation will be provided to the international participants for the whole period of the workshop. Personal travel and subsistence costs will be the responsibility of each participant. All selected participants will automatically receive press accreditations for the festival.

There is a participation fee of 150 EUR, and 100 Eur for Estonian participants. Only the selected participants will be required to pay it.

The fee will have to be paid to NISI MASA before 5th of November 2017. If, for any reason, a participants is unable to attend the workshop, they must inform the organizers immediately. The participation fee will not be refunded. Participants will be asked to bring their own necessary equipment (e.g. laptop, camera, video camera). If this is not possible, please inform us in your application form so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Additional support equipment will be provided by the workshop.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us via email to