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Festival International des Films Berbères 2014

FESTIVAL DATES : from May 8, 2014 to May 11, 2014


The festival is held annually and aims at presenting the general public with screenings of films in relation with the Berber culture.

The preview copy can be sent:
- with uploaded video on Shortfilmdepot
- by posting 2 DVDs (that must reach festival office by 31 March 2014 at latest)

Registration deadline : Mar 31, 2014
Registration fee: no fee
Preview format :
Requirements :
1) Films completed after : 1st January 2012
2) Maximum duration : over 60 minutes
3) Country of production : All countries (films about Berber culture and people)
4) Screening format : DigiBeta Pal, Beta SP Pal, DCP, Blu-Ray (imperatively with French subtitles for non-French speaking films)
5) Accepted genres : Fiction, feature documentary
6) Berber theme : May apply only films about Berber themes.


The festival is held annually and aims at presenting the general public with screenings of films in relation with the Berber culture.

The preview copy can be sent:
- with uploaded video on Shortfilmdepot
- by posting 2 DVDs (that must reach festival office by 31 March 2014 at latest)

Registration deadline : Mar 31, 2014
Registration fee: no fee
Preview format :
Requirements :
1) Films completed after : 1st January 2012
2) Maximum duration : Between 45 and 70 minutes
3) Country of production : All countries (films about Berber culture and people)
4) Screening format : DigiBeta Pal, Beta SP Pal, DCP, Blu-Ray (imperatively with French subtitles for non-French speaking films)
5) Accepted genres : Documentary
6) Berber theme : May apply only films about Berber themes.


The festival is held annually and aims at presenting the general public with screenings of films in relation with the Berber culture.

The preview copy can be sent:
- with uploaded video on Shortfilmdepot
- by posting 2 DVDs (that must reach festival office by 31 March 2014 at latest)

Registration deadline : Mar 31, 2014
Registration fee: no fee
Preview format :
Requirements :
1) Films completed after : 1st January 2012
2) Maximum duration : 45 minutes max.
3) Country of production : All countries (films about Berber culture and people)
4) Screening format : DigiBeta Pal, Beta SP Pal, DCP, Blu-Ray (imperatively with French subtitles for non-French speaking films)
5) Accepted genres : Fiction, documentary, animation, experimental
6) Berber theme : May apply only films about a Berber theme.

75008 PARIS
TEL : +33 (0)1 56 89 83 83

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Alpinale Kurzfilm Festival

Submit your entries until March, 15th 2014

The ALPINALE represents a venue for both professional and amateur filmmakers from home and abroad, who are given the opportunity to conduct multi-cultural and open dialogue with creative people, and to present their work to an interested audience.

1.) International Competition categories

The duration of the film must not exceed 30 minutes including credits. Only original versions of films no older than 2 years may be sent in.

Invited are films in the following categories:

a) INTERNATIONAL: Short-films of all kinds (fiction or animation), produced under professional conditions.

b) ACADEMY: Productions by students and graduates of colleges of film and media arts, film academies and other similar institutions.

Invited are films in the following genres
a) fiction films
b) animation

2.) Application
The submission is to be sent in no later than the 15th of March 2014 via our online form only. The application consists of two steps.

Step 1: Online Form
The online form must be filled out correctly by March 15, 2014 the latest. The following doucments are necessary to do so:
- List of dialogue
- Film stills (print quality)
- Synopsis in english (and German if available)

Step 2: Send us your film
After you filled out the online form you will receive a confirmation e-mail at the given e-mail adress. In order to successfully finish your submission you must send in your short film on a data-DVD via mail to the festival. The deadline for the submission is March 15, 2014 as well (date stamp). Submissions that are sent in any later will automatically be considered as submissions for the next festival edition

3.) Accepted film formats
The submitted video file will be used for the festival projection and must fulfill the following requirements:
File Format: MP4 or MOV
Video Codec: h.264.
Audio Codec: compressed, AAC or AC3 preferred
Framerate: 25fps
Aspect racio: 16:9 (1.77:1) preferred; 4:3 (1.33:1) is possible, attention: Do not use Letterbox!
Filesize: max. 2GB

If the language of the film is neither in German nor English, subtitles in one of those languages are necessary.

The material sent in to the festival will remain with the festival. No material can be sent back to the sender. The cost of postage has to be met by the participant. All deliveries outside the European Union must be marked with the phrase “no commercial value – for cultural purpose only” with a print value of less than EUR 25,00 in total.

The organizer does not take over liability for the films, its adequate handling is assured though. Applicants carry the exclusive responsibility for possible violations of copyrights. Incorrect information will disqualify the participant.

4.) Nomination
In order to participate in the competition, a selection commitee (festival comittee) decides on the acceptance of the film. Its decisions are indisputable. If the selection commitee does not accept a film for the competition, there is the possibility for the commitee to show the film in one of the extra screenings. The festival comittee doesn’t give any reasons for nominations or rejections.

5.) Jury and prizes
The evalution is made by an international jury. Its decisions are indisputable. The jury presents:
»Golden Unicorn« for best short film international
»Golden Unicorn« for best short film academy
»Golden Unicorn« for best short film animation
The audience decides on a »Golden Unicorn« as the audience award.

Du hast einen Kurzfilm, der in Vorarlberg oder mit maßgeblicher Vorarlberger Beteiligung entstanden ist? Dann nichts wie her damit! Dem Sieger der v-shorts Kategorie winken 500 Euro Preisgeld!
So sieht das Einreichprozedere im Detail aus:
1.) Lesen und Berücksichtigen der Teilnahmebedingungen
2.) Ausfüllen des Onlineformulars
3.) Hochladen des Films im MP4 oder MOV-Format (H264-Codec, max. 300MB)
4.) Am 25.4. findet die große Vorarlberger Kurzfilmnacht in Nenzing statt! Unsere Live-Jury bewertet alle Filme öffentlich und gibt direktes Feedback an die anwesenden Filmschaffenden. Die Siegerfilme des Abends werden beim Festival im Hauptprogramm gezeigt und haben die Chance auf ein Preisgeld von EUR 500,- .

11th Femina - international women's film festival

June 02-08, 2014,  Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

The FEMINA – INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S FILM FESTIVAL is a competitive festival for works directed by women. It is the first event of its kind in Brazil and Latin America. Besides showing the work of Brazilian women filmmakers, broadening its visibility and opening space for the Brazilian feminine cinema abroad, it brings to Brazil the foreign production, as well as international guests.

March 08th, 2014


Rua Álvaro Alvim, 24/703A
 Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
 Tel: (55 21) 2215-8455



The Festival aims to promote films directed by women and develop a greater reflection about the genre, trying to broaden the interchange between the Brazilian and International production. The International Program will be composed of the most representative films produced after June 2012.


a. films with exhibition copies in HD file.
b. films that have been produced since June 2012.


a. There is no entry fee.
b. The candidate should fulfill an entry form on the website:, providing a weblink for preview or sending a DVD of the film by regular airmail. To avoid taxes by the Brazilian customs, do not send DVDs by any courier services.
c. All transport costs of DVD and other material are on the sender’s behalf.
d. Transport costs for returning external HD drives will be borne by the Festival, but their submission to Rio de Janeiro/Brazil is the responsibility of the producer.
e. Return of DVDs: all DVDs sent for selection will become part of the Festival archives, on the understanding that they will be used strictly for cultural purposes with no commercial ends and only with the producers’ consent. If the sender wants their DVD to be returned, the shipping costs must be on their behalf, and should provide a courier account number for the shipment.
f. Deadline for Entries: all entry forms, requests for information and DVD screeners should be sent to the Festival address by March 08th, 2014.
g. Notice of Shipment: applicants should inform the Festival office by e-mail the date their entries were mailed and the shipping method used, including airway bills and registration or tracking numbers, as well as the contact information of the person responsible for the entry.
h. Internet: Unless otherwise requested, all information contained on the entry form will be made public on the official Festival website: With the producer’s authorization, we will place a 30-second extract or preview of the film on the Festival website.
i. The director/producer must indicate the age rating of the film in the entry form. This information will be made public and is the responsibility of the producers of the films.
j. The candidate should upload still pictures of the film and of the director, and the original and English dialog lists. It is not compulsory to send these attachments at the moment of submission, but if the film is selected it will be required to do so.
k. All selected films will have to send an authorization for exhibition before the start of the Festival.


a. The list of selected films will be announced by April 06th, 2014.
b. HD files of selected films should reach the Festival offices by May 24th, 2014.
c. Shipping procedures: whenever possible HD files should be sent to the Festival by virtual means (googledrive, dropbox, etc). If this option is not available, we request that films be sent directly by the producers. Do not send external HD drives by airfreight. The packages should be clearly marked “For cultural purposes only, no commercial value” and it should be declared a maximum value of US$ 2 for customs purposes. The organizers of the Festival will not be responsible for HD drives shipped by any other method and/or with any other declared value for customs purposes.
d. Applicants should inform the Festival by e-mail regarding shipment of the films – date sent, form of transport, etc.
e. HD drives will be returned within two weeks of the end of the Festival unless some other prior arrangement has been made. The Festival is responsible for the shipping costs of returning films.

Grand Prix Femina International Women’s Film Festival of the International Competition
 Special Jury Award of the International Competition
 Best International Direction
 Best International female participation Award
 Grand Prix Femina International Women’s Film Festival of the Brazilian Competition
 Special Jury Award of the Brazilian Competition
 Best Brazilian Direction
 Best Brazilian female participation Award

It is also possible that awards will be granted for works by Festival partners, such as acquisition for exhibit on cable TV.

In The Palace (international short film festival)

1. The 12th edition of the In The Palace International Short Film Festival will be held between June 28 and July 04, 2014.
2. Eligible for entry are films with duration of up to 27 minutes, completed after January 1, 2012.
3. The Festival accepts individual submissions, as well as institutional entries (i.e. submissions form production companies, distribution companies, film academies, national film centres, television networks, creative associations etc.)
4. Entry fees and deadlines for registration and submission:
till November 1, 2013 - Free entry
till February 1, 2014 - Earlybird Deadline: Standard Fee 20.00 EUR
till March 1, 2014 - Regular Deadline: Standard Fee 30.00 EUR
till April 1, 2014 - Late Deadline: Standard Fee 40.00 EUR
till April 20, 2014: Final selection announced
5. In The Palace ISFF will pay a screening fee of 40 Euro for each film selected to compete in the International Competition – this fee is payable in the Festival currency 'Kitra'.
The Festival WILL NOT pay screening fees for the films selected for the side programmes.
6. The total prize money to be distributed at the 12th In The Palace ISFF is 10,000 Euro in gold.
7. The Competition Programmes of the In The Palace ISFF are divided as follows:
for films with Bulgarian premiere at the 12th In The Palace ISFF in one of the following categories:
Fiction films
Experimental films, hybrid forms and formats, digital art works
Films and audiovisual works publicly shown in Bulgaria or released online on free-access websites or platforms are NOT ELIGIBLE for the International Competition.
for Bulgarian films, in one of the following categories:
Fiction films
Experimental films, hybrid forms and formats, digital art works
Eligible for entry in the National Competition are films produced in or co-produced with Bulgaria.
8. In The Palace ISFF will appoint a Selection Committee, as well as a professional International Jury to assess the films shown at the Festival.
9. The authors of all selected films will be notified by April 20, 2014.
10. Accreditation applications should be sent no later than May 20, 2014.
11. The deadline for sending screening copies of the selected films is May 20, 2014.
12. The films must have English dialogue OR English subtitles.
13. Screening copies are preferred to be delivered in High Definition digital files.
14. The Festival reserves the right to screen the preview copies of the selected films.
15. In The Palace ISFF will cover the accommodation fees of one accredited representative per film.
16. In The Palace ISFF reserves the right to show films that have not been selected to compete in the Competition Programmes in special non-competitive programmes during the Festival.
17. The copyright owners of the film agree to permit the inclusion of their film(s) in all Festival and post-festival presentational programmes; gratuitous showing of screenshots, trailers and parts of the film (online or via other media) with the purpose of presenting the film’s participation in the Festival.
18. The preview copies of all films submitted to the Festival are automatically included in the Festival Video Library, where they are available for non-commercial professional viewing.
19. The Festival Director has the right to personally resolve any questions not included in these Regulations.
20. By applying for participation in the In The Palace ISFF you agree to all sections of the Festival Regulations.

Visegrád Animation Fórum calls for pitch

Visegrád Animation Fórum will be held on Anifilm 2014, and calls for a submission of ANIMATION SHORT FILM PROJECTS and a TV SERIE PROJECTS IN CONCEPT from our region.

Two categories pitching competition, short film projects and TV series, is held by Asociace animovaného filmu (Association of Czech Animation) within the industry section of its Visegrad Animation Forum (VAF) held at the International Festival of Animation Film „Anifilm“ in Třeboň (6th – 8th of May 2014).

Authors of the selected 8 short film projects and 6 Central European TV series will be able to present selected projects in two categories at Visegrád Animation Forum 2014 in form of public pitching forum in front of international producers, professionals, TV comission editors, potential co-producers and authors itself. Each participating project can be represented at most by one author and one producer.

Then the pitching jury of international professionals will award the Best project of a short film with the prize money of 2000 EUR for further development of the film. Pitching jury of international professionals will choose also the Best project of TV series.

You can submit your SHORT FILM or TV SERIE project by filling the entry form on this site :

Candidates must first register into the system Eventival, read the terms and then register using the online form following the terms and conditions.

The deadline for submission is the 2nd march 2014

Conditions of applications of short film submission

– Visegrád Animation Forum accepts only short film projects or planned films that do not exceed their footage of 20 minutes.
– At least 50 percent of the short film must be done with an animation or multimedia technique with the emphasis on the graphical form of the final result.
– The project must have a producer and an author (filmmaker or designer) who could represent it at the pitching competition forum in front of professionals and potential partnets.
– There is no fee for submission of the project.
– The project must be accompamied by the info provided in the online internet formulaire:
– a logline
– a synopsis (250 words maximum)
– a treatment + director´s explication, realistic estimation of a budget (500 words maximum)
– examples of graphic and visual style
– short biography of a director (50 words maximum)
– info about the production company and contacts (50 words maximum)

Conditions of applications of tv serie submission

– Visegrád Animation Forum accepts only planned TV animation serie projects or pilot projects which episodes reach a standard length usual in television broadcasting.
– At least 50 percent of the TV animation serie must be done with an animation technique with the emphasis on the graphical form of the final result.
– The project must have a producer and an author (filmmaker or designer) who could represent it at the pitching competition forum in front of professionals and potential partnets.
– There is no fee for submission of the project.
– The project of a TV serie must be accompamied by the info provided in the online internet formulaire:
– a logline
– a description of the main story line and poetics (250 words maximum)
– a treatment with the description of the target group, number of episods, approximate realistic budget and TV development ideas and release plan (500 words maximum)
– examples of visual style and main characters
– short biography of the main director (50 words maximum)
– presentation of the production company and possible TV partner + contacts (50 words maximum)


Pitching Participants will have the opportunity to participate in the entire three-day program of Visegrád Animation Forum, which will include a special preparatory workshops dedicated to writing of the screenplay, development and presentation of the project on the international scene led by international experts. VAF will also offer presentations of film studios and professionals from our region, co-production and debates and program focused on meeting our schools and talents. Final pitching will be held on the last day of three days VAF event and every of participating teams will have 10 minutes to present their project in front of the jury and the audience.

Visegrad Animation Forum will cover the accommodation to pitching partecipants at the festival hotel during the 3 days event.

For further information contact:
Association of Czech Animation
Heřmanova 3
170 00, Praha 7 Holešovice
Czech Republic

Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2014

1. Name

2. Organizers
Saitama Prefecture, Kawaguchi City, SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL Committee,NPO Saitama Audio-Visual Volunteers

3. Terms
July 19th, 2014 (Sat) – July 27th, 2014 (Sun) [9 days]

4. Purpose
Focusing exclusively on Digital Cinema, the industry standard format of production and screening in the 21st century, the festival will hold international competition and award prizes to excellent films and filmmakers. In addition, the festival will support excellent films among submissions by giving the opportunities of screenings both locally and internationally and contribute to the development of the film industry in Japan.

 5. Entry Requirements
 The submissions are accepted in the following two competition sections.

1) Feature Length Competition (International)- Running time must be 70 minutes or longer.
・All submissions must be shot digitally and able to be projected in digital format. (If your film is nominated, a digital screening tape with English subtitles or original language in English will be required.)
・Directors of feature length submissions cannot have more than four feature film directing credits, including documentaries, to their name(s). (If the submitted film is a director's fifth feature, he or she is not qualified for the competition.)
・Production must be completed after January 1st, 2013.
・All feature length submissions must have been produced for theatrical release.
・Films cannot be released commercially in Japan prior to the closing date of the Festival.
・Entries submitted once before are not eligible.
・We appreciate submissions be made with an understanding of the Festival's purpose.
 The application of these conditions is at the discretion of the Festival Committee.

2) Short Length Competition (Domestic) - Running time must be between 15 minutes and 30 minutes.

The regulation of this category is written only in Japanese since it's targeting at Japanese Shorts which are directed or produced by Japanese only.

3) Animation Competition (Domestic) - Running time must 5 minutes or longer.

The regulation of this category is written only in Japanese since it's targeting at Japanese Animation which are directed or produced by Japanese only. However, Non –Japanese Animation films (70 minutes or longer) are accepted in the Feature length Competition (International).

6. Selection Process and Announcement

1) Nominees
 The Pre-Selection Committee, appointed by the Festival Committee, will select the nominees.
Nominees will be informed of their selection prior to a press conference scheduled for June, 2014. The competition lineup will be officially announced at the press conference held by the Festival Committee.
 *All applicants will be notified of the results by the end of May, 2014.
2) Award winners
 The International Jury Committee, appointed by the Festival Committee, will select the award winners for each category.
All award winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on the last day of the Festival.


Lago Film Fest 2014

1- Goals and objectives
The  Lago  Film  Fest,  international  short  film,  documentary  and screenplay festival, is a cultural event with the aim of promoting and appreciating emerging movie artists.

2- Sponsors
The main promoters of the initiative are: the Pro Loco of Revine Lago, the municipality of Revine Lago, the Province of Treviso, and the Veneto Region.

3- Procedure
The 9th edition of the Lago Film Fest will be held in Lago  (TV)  from  18th  to  26th  July  2014.  The  awards  will  be announced Saturday 26th July 2014.

4- Festival Sections
- international short films competition
- international documentary competition

5- Awards and special mentions
- International award for best short film
- International audience award for best short film
- Special mention for best documentary
- Unicef award, for the best children’s video
- Unicef award, for the best video made by children
- Special New Signs mention for the best experimental video
- Special Veneto Region award for the best Veneto
video or Veneto director
The nature of the awards will be reported on the
Festival website and/or by e-mail.

6- Rules of Participation - International short film and documentary competition
Entry  is  free  of  charge  (Mailing  fees  are  the  responsibility  of  the sender). The entry form should be filled  in  on  line  at  (scheda  d’iscrizione/Entry Form section) and sent automatically.

There will be an automatic answer for the correct submission. The form will not be considered valid if it is not received within  the  terms  stipulated  by  regulations  or  in  the  case  entry conditions have not been accepted (treatment of personal data, etc.).

The owners of the works must send a copy of the film on a DVD  (PAL)  together with a printed copy of  the confirmation e-mail by and no  later  than 1st March  2014  (postage stamp confirms
date). The material sent  for the competition will not be returned. The selection  of  the  film  shall  occur  under  the  care  and  indisputable judgement of the Artistic Direction of the Festival. 
The  results  of  such  selections  will  be  published  on  the website within 31 June 2014. Only entry forms that are  correctly  filled  out  and  completed  with  all  the  attachments 
requested will be accepted. Only technically high-quality work will be accepted. The  relative  authors  and/or  producers will  receive  further notification  of  the  selection  by  email.  The  authors  of  the  work selected  and  their  collaborators  will  be  invited  to  accompany  their
own video to the Festival; the organisers reserve the right, according to financial possibility, to contribute to travel and hotel expenses.

Delivery of  the  infrormation of  the works selected must arrive at  the Festival  by  and  no  later  than  10  July  12014,  accompanied  by complete  documentation  (to  avoid  exclusion  from  the  selection) composed  of:  synopsis,  technical  card,  a  picture  (resolution  of  at least 300dpi, JPG or TIFF format) and the biofilmography of the  director,  two  photographs  of  the  film set scene  (resolution  of  at least 300dpi, JPG or TIFF  format),  the complete  list of  the dialogues in Italian or English, list of the original and other sound track, all other information requested by the festival during catalogue editing and for  promotional  use.  The material  received  will  become  part  of  the
Lago Film Fest archive and will not be returned.

6.1- International SHORT FILM competition
In  this  section,  short  films  of  any  genre  and  theme may  complete, with  a  length  of  less  than  30  minutes  (header  and  footer  items included), produced  in  film and/or  in video  form, subtitled  in English or in Italian (should the language of the dialogues be other than these) and produced after 1  January  2012. Each author may send up  to  3  short  films.  The  delivery  of  the  amount  of  DVD  copies equivalent to the number of works entered is requested.

6.2- International DOCUMENTARY competition
In  this  section  documentaries  of  international  production,  having  a length  of  less  than  50 minutes  (header  and  footer  items  included), produced in film and/or in video form, subtitled in English or in Italian (should  the  language  of  the  dialogues  be  other  than  these)  and produced  after  1  January  2012.  Each  author  may  send  up  to  2 documentaries. The delivery of the amount of DVD copies equivalent to the number of works entered is requested.

For films done after the 1st of january 2012 (short films with a length of less than 30 minutes and documentaries with a length of less than 50 minutes) 
- Unicef Award
Films realized for and by the children, short films and documentaries
- New Signs
The  special New Signs mention  is  created  for  section  dedicated  to the experimental and artistic productions
 - Veneto Region Award
Films  realized  on  the Veneto Region  territory  or  shooted  by  people from Veneto Region


Concorto Film Festival

Deadline is March 31st 2014

1) Purpose
 Concorto Film Festival is addressed to cinephiles, both general audience and professionals. The purpose is to promote short films and to generate contacts among audience, young directors and professionals.

2) Organisation, Dates and Place
 Concorto Film Festival is organized by the non profit association Concorto and will take place in Pontenure (PC) at Parco Raggio and at Cinema O.M.I. from August 23rd to August 30th, 2014.

3) Entry Requirements
 Entry to the festival is free and open to all sort of short film, with no limitations regarding the theme and genre.
 Short films must have been produced after January 1st, 2012.
 The maximum running time allowed is 20 minutes.
 In exceptional cases the festival organization reserves the right to accept films of longer duration.
 Acceptable screening format: digital file (Apple ProRes 422 or h264) or DVD (region 0/2, pal).

4) Submission
 Deadline is March 31st 2014, and the submissions are only open through Reelport. The option B is reserved to film school, production/distribution companies, or film promotion institutions that would like to submit some films by different directors.

A) Reelport

1. Fill in Reelport entry form on
 2. Upload the film file with English subtitles, a film still and an English dialogue list with timecode.

3. Submit the film for the pre-selection of Concorto Film Festival by March 31st 2014.
 English language film productions are kindly requested to upload the film with English, French or Italian subtitles, if available.

B) Online screener or DVD (reserved to film school, production/distribution companies, or film promotion institutions that would like to submit some films by different directors).

1. Contact us by email by March 31st 2014 at, sending us the list of concerned films, with indicated director, duration and genre.

2. Send by e-mail the online screeners with their passwords, or send the DVDs by post to the address:
 Concorto Film Festival, Via Papa Giovanni 49-55, 29010 Pontenure (PC), Italia

5) Selection
 Our staff will be responsible for the pre-selection and the final selection.
 The list of the films selected will be published on this site by August 1st 2014.
 The films selected will be screened during the Festival, whose program will be published on the website by August 10th 2014.
 The authors of the short films selected will be informed by phone or by e-mail.
 The authors/productions of the selected films will have to send in due time a file/copy for the projection, as well as a dialogue list with timecode. Failure to send this material may cause the exclusion of the film from the selection, at unquestionable discretion of the festival organization, even after the selected film list has been published on the website.

Concerning the hospitality of film directors, details shall be provided at the time when the result of selection is announced.
The works sent to be selected will not be returned to the author and will become part of the Concorto Film Festival archive patrimony.
They will be made available for screenings, event and broadcast promoted by Association Concorto only for cultural, educational and no commercial purposes (unless otherwise specified in the entry form).
 The festival organization will inform the authors about any further screening of their works.

6) Juries
 The Festival Jury composed by representatives of the artistic, audiovisual and academic world is responsible for the prize awards. The Jury decision is considered to be final and unquestionable. The organizers will make the final decision in controversial cases.

7) Awards
 The short films compete for the following awards:
- Gran Premio “Asino d’Oro”: 1000 € and trophy
 - Special Jury Prize: 500 € and plaque
 - “The Wave” (assigned by a jury of high schools students): 250 € and plaque
 - Audience prize: 250 € and plaque
 The selection committee, the artistic direction and the jury can also award special mentions.
 The prizes will be awarded the last day of screenings.
 Prize money will be paid to the winners by bank transfer.

8) Non-specified cases
 The actual participation in the festival implies that all conditions and terms described in the rules and regulations herein have been accepted. These regulations are available in Italian and English. In case of interpretation problems, the Italian version must be considered.
 According to the Italian Law 196/03 all data will be handled by the organizers for the sole purpose of organizing the Concorto Film Festival.
All notifications will be published on this site as well as all information not explicitly mentioned or included in these rules.

9) Contact and information
 Concorto Film Festival
 tel +39 366 4792961

Valencia Film Festival

The 29th Valencia  International Film Festival Cinema  Jove, which will  take place  in Valencia
from June 20th to 27th, 2014, aims to promote young filmmakers.
Cinema  Jove  is  organised  by  CulturArts  Generalitat  IVAC,  and  is  accredited  by  the
International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF).

There are two categories:
    - Feature Films
    - Short Films  

The Festival is open to any film produced after January 1st 2013. 
    - Invited films:
Films  invited  by  the  Selection  Committee  shall  send  to  the  Festival  organisation  the
registration  report.  The  reception  by  the  Festival  of  the  said  form  implies  the  legal
acceptance of  the  invitation by  the  interested parties and will be considered definitive and
    - Films for preview:  
Films  for  preview  by  the  Selection  Committee  will  need  to  register  on-line  and  before
February 28th, 2014.  


  a) Films must not have been entered  in previous editions of  the Festival. Feature  films must
not have had a commercial screening  in Spain nor must  they have been screened at any other
Spanish  film  festival before or during Cinema  Jove  (Spanish Premiere). Short  films must not
have been screened in the Comunidad Valenciana (Land of Valencia) before or during Cinema
  b) More than two films by the same director cannot be presented to the Festival. In this case,
the Selection Committee shall only choose one.  
  c) Entries must be in the original version. They must be accompanied by a dossier containing
the original text and lines along with a translation in Spanish or English.
  d)  Films  over  60 minutes will  be  considered  feature-lengths.  Short  films will  not  exceed  a
maximum running time of 30 minutes. 
  e)  The  selected  feature  films  may  be  screened  in  35mm  or  digital  format  (DCP,  Blu-ray,
Betacam Digital or SP); short films may be screened in 35mm or digital format (MPG4, codec
  f) Any film not presenting sufficient  technical qualities for a correct public screening will be


  a) The Selection Committee, appointed for this purpose, will select from the entries submitted
to the Festival the films that will be shown from June 20th  to 27th, 2014, during Cinema Jove.
  b) Films selected will be screened a maximum of three times.
  c) Once registered and selected, no film may be withdrawn from the competition. 
  d) Filmmakers whose  films  are  not  selected will  be  informed  of  the  results of  the  selection
before the beginning of the Festival.

  a) The Director of the Festival will appoint the members of the Selection Committee, selected
among  specialists  linked  to  the  Festival,  as  well  as  the  members  of  the  Juries  for  the  two
competing categories: feature and short films.
     -The Feature Category Jury will be composed of five members, representing the international
film field. A maximum of two members will be of Spanish nationality.  
     -The Short Category Jury will be composed of three members, representing the international
film field. A maximum of one member will be of Spanish nationality.
  b) The Selection Committee and Jury decisions will be final.

6.1. Films selected for the Official Competition will be eligible for the following awards:
   LUNA DE VALENCIA for the Best Feature...............30.000 Euros 
The  prize  shall  be  given  to  the  film  distributor  in  Spain.  The  film  must  have  its  Spanish
premiere  within  a  period  of  twelve months  after  the  awarding  of  the  prize.  If  six months
should elapse without  the Festival being duly notified of an agreement between distributors,
the Festival may choose to allocate the prize money to the subsequent edition.
In order to proceed with the payment of the prize, Cinema Jove will require that the distributor
of  the film present  the invoices generated out of  the publicity and promotion pertinent  to  the
commercial  screening  of  the  film  in  Spain,  as well  as  a  certificate  of  accreditation  of  film
rights issued by the corresponding National Film Institute. The prize money shall be paid after
January 1st
 in the year following the granting of the award. 
  LUNA DE VALENCIA for the Best Short..................8.000 Euros 
  Prize money will be given to the director of the awarded short film.
  Juries can give any mention under their consideration.
Production and distribution companies of the prize-winners of the Luna de Valencia commit to
using the Festival’s logo for the subsequent promotion and publicity of the films.      
6.2. Other awards: 
  PECERA  ESTUDIO  AWARD  to  the  Spanish  short  film  with  the  best  sound  track,  
consisting  of  2.404  Euros  for  the  audio  post  production  of  a  short  film, with  a maximum
running time of 30 minutes. 
  CANAL + AWARD  to  the best short film, consisting of  the purchase of broadcasting  rights  
in Europe.  

  GRUPO PASARELA AUDIOVISUAL AWARD to the best director of short film produced
in Valencia,  consisting  of  €  1.500  for  the  lighting  and  1.500  for  the  post-production  of  the
winner’s  next  project  strictly within  a  one-year  period  following  the  awarding  of  the  prize.
Short films selected  for  the competition and  the Valencian Panorama section are eligible  for
this award.

  a)  Participants  will  need  to  register  on-line  by  February  28th,  2014,  the  closing  date  for
registration. (On-line form is available on our official website).
  b)  It  is unnecessary  to  send DVDs by post. Films  should be  forwarded online –with English
subtitles  in  the case of  films  in  languages other  than Spanish or English–  to  the MOVIBETA
web  page  following  the  instructions  of  the  registration  form.  The  price  for  forwarding  and
storage ranges between 2€ and 4€ +VAT; the video content is   private and only accessible for
Festival staff. 

a)  Prints  of  selected  films  must  be  sent  to  the  Festival  before  June  1st,  2014.  Due  to  the
international  character  of  Cinema  Jove,  the  prints  must  include  English  subtitles.  The
International  Jury  will  not  take  into  consideration  any  films  without  English  subtitles.  The
Festival will only provide the Spanish subtitles (electronic system).
b) The sender will  inform  the Festival on the means of dispatch, date of shipment and Airway
bill number.
c) Prints will be sent prepaid by sender. The Festival will only pay for the return transportation
charges, excluding any additional costs for tax and customs clearance in country of return.
d) Prints will be insured by the Festival from their arrival until their return. 
e) Prints will be returned to the address indicated in the registration form after the completion of
the  Festival.  In  case  those  details  are  wrong  or  incomplete,  Cinema  Jove  will  not  be  held
responsible for the delays or loses in their return.

Participation in this Festival entails the acceptance of the current regulations.

Kyiv International Short Film Festival

3. Kyiv International Short Film Festival will take place in April 2014.

Deadline for submitting is February 27.
Films invited personally by e-mail can be submitted until March 15.

For submitting your short film (up to 40 minutes) please fill in this application and specify the link for previewing or downloading the film.

If your film is not available for online watching or transfer please send the preview DVD by February 27 (postmark deadline) to the address:

Kyrylo Marikutsa
Shota Rustaveli str. 19
Ukraine For all inquiries please contact:
Tel. +380937621577

reede, 21. veebruar 2014

49. Eesti harrastusfilmide festival

Eesti Vabariigi 49.harrastusfilmide festivalil võivad osaleda kõik Eestis tegutsevad filmiharrastajate ühendused ning omaette tegutsevad autorid mittekommertslike videofilmidega ja 8-mm ning 16-mm filmide videokoopiatega, mida pole näidatud eelnevatel Eesti Vabariigi harrastusfilmide festivalidel. Filmi pikkus võib olla kuni 30 min.

Osalemiseks festivalil saadavad kõik soovijad filmid ja filmikaardid kuni 17. märtsini 2014.a. (filmi kohalejõudmise kuupäev) aadressil:10507 Tallinn, Narva mnt.1, Box 3567, Jaak Järvine. Filmid ja filmikaardid võib tuua ise kohale 17.märtsil 2014.a. kella 12.00 – 14.00 aadressil: Tallinn, Sakala 14, Tallinna Kultuuriseltside Teabekeskus (I korrus, sissepääs hoovi poolt, otseuks, tel.6605003).

Festivali zürii otsusega pääsevad paremad filmid festivali lõppvooru, mis toimub laupäeval, 26. aprillil algusega kell 11.00 Tallinnas BFM-i kinosaalis (Narva mnt.27). Juurdepääs: Tallinna Ülikooli /Narva mnt.25/ vana maja Kadrioru poolses otsas asuva kangialuse kaudu ülikooli siseõues asuva Filmi- ja Meediakooli majani; liftiga IV korrusele. Samas toimub ka festivali lõpetamine ja võitjate autasustamine.

Festivali paremaid filme autasustatakse järgmiselt.

Festivali 3 peaauhinda ja diplomid:
parim täiskasvanud autori film (130 EUR),
parim filmiüliõpilase film (130 EUR) ja
parim kuni 19-aastase autori film (130 EUR).

Züriil on õigus vastavad summad ümber jaotada.

Festivali eriauhinnad ja diplomid:
 parim debüüt (eraldi kuni 19-a. autorite, filmiüliõpilaste ja täiskasvanud autorite grupis),
 parim kuni 14-a.autori film,
parim kuni 19-a. autori film,
parim 60 sekundi pikkune (koos tiitritega) film,
parim animafilm,
parim mängufilm,
parim eksperimentaalfilm,
parim operaatoritöö,
parim muusikaklipp,
parim turismifilm,
parim eesti kultuuripärandit kajastav film;
parim ühekaadrifilm;
parim tänapäeva Eesti elu kajastav film;
parim üle 65-aasta vanuse autori film.

Züriil on õigus vastavatasemeliste filmide puudumisel välja anda teiste nimetustega eriauhindu.

Festivali rändauhinnad ja diplomid: parim tõsielufilm (Max Reikteri /1912-1993/ poolt välja pandud rändauhind), parim portreefilm (Kultuuriministeeriumi poolt 1980.a. välja pandud rändauhind), Hans Vaisma poolt välja pandud rändauhind “Krõõt”.

Paremad filmid pannakse autorite nõusolekul pärast festivali üles YouTube`s..

Kõigil on võimalus välja panna eri- ja rändauhindu, millest tuleb Eesti Filmiamatööride Liitu teatada kuni 17.märtsini 2014.a.

Eesti Filmiamatööride Liit,
tel. 6484974, 55924240,

Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2014

FESTIVAL DATES : from Oct 20, 2014 to Oct 26, 2014


Registration deadline : May 31, 2014
Registration fee: no fee
Requirements :
1) Films completed after : May 31, 2012
2) Maximum duration : 40 minutes
3) Country of production : All
4) Screening format : 35mm, .mov files (either the ProRes 422 or h264 codec)
5) Accepted genres : All genres
6) Preview copies : Preview copies and screening copies with other than English or Swedish dialogue/commentary must come with inlaid subtitles in English
Decisions regarding the selection of films will be reached by September 15, at which time a full list of the selected films will be published on the website.

Uppsala International Short Film Festival
Box 2104
SE-750 02 Uppsala
TEL : +46.(0)18 12 00 25
More info:
Twitter : @Shortfilmdepot

neljapäev, 20. veebruar 2014

Online-hääletus konkursil VELOBerlin Film Award 2014

VELOBerlin Film Award 2014 online-voting kicked off! - Enjoy 18 bicycle shorts!

See the films / the competition here:

We started cycling fun: 18 films made it into the final round, to compete for 5 prizes worth €2500 in total: Narrative shorts, documentaries, clips and animated films about the love of cycling and bicycles.

Till 29 March 2014, all selected films can be watched and voted for online at : You are the jury - the worldwide online audience!

Velokonzept and interfilm Berlin announced the second edition of the international online award for bicycle films - the VELOBerlin Film Award - in autumn 2013. More than 200 short films from 45 countries and all continents were entered - an overwhelming response!

Due to the astounding success of the first edition in 2013, the organisers have made the VELOBerlin Film Award 2014 even more accessible. Bicycle-film-fans are now able to experience the entire film selection via computer, smart phone and tablet as well as "offline" and "live" at three bicycle trade fairs: München (19-23.2.2014), rad+outdoor Bremen (8-9.3.2014) and VELOBerlin (29-30.3.2014). The winners of the online vote will be announced on 30 March 2014 at VELOBerlin.

See bike couriers in Dublin risk their lives whilst weaving through daily traffic, or remarkable aesthetes who find spiritual fulfilment when creating custom bikes - these people clearly adore their bicycles. Almost as much as the "Pedalophile"and his Power Ranger's bike or the little girl in Indonesia who selflessly gives away her most treasured possession. Indeed, love can be tragic too - especially when an object of desire has suddenly vanished. But there are happy endings too, especially when bikes fall in love with one another...

The directors of the five winning films will be rewarded with valuable prizes from Riese & Müller, Ortlieb and Abus worth €2500 in total.

The competition is organised by velo:konzept and interfilm Berlin. VELOBerlin Film Award's exclusive partner is Europe's leading bicycle tyre manufacturer Schwalbe (Ralf Bohle GmbH).

Award Ceremony at the VELOBerlin fair: March 30 2014, Filmbühne

The VELOBerlin Film Award at Facebook