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Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forli 2015

FESTIVAL DATES : from Oct 8, 2015 to Oct 17, 2015


Registration deadline : Jun 5, 2015
Registration fee: no fee
Preview format : Uploaded file,Standard DVD
Requirements :
1) Films completed after : January 1st 2013
2) Maximum duration : 40 minutes
3) Country of production : All countries (except Italy)
4) Screening format : Beta SP, DVD Pal, mini DV
5) Accepted genres : Fiction


Registration deadline : Jun 5, 2015
Registration fee: no fee
Preview format : Uploaded file,Standard DVD
Requirements :
1) Films completed after : January 1st 2013
2) Maximum duration : 40 minutes
3) Country of production : All countries (except Italy)
4) Screening format : Beta SP, DVD Pal, mini DV
5) Accepted genres : Animation, Experimental


Registration deadline : Jun 5, 2015
Registration fee: no fee
Preview format : Uploaded file,Standard DVD
Requirements :
1) Films completed after : January 1st, 2013
2) Maximum duration : 35 minutes
3) Country of production : Italy
4) Screening format : Beta SP PAL, DVD PAL, mini-DV
5) Accepted genres : All genres


Animation for children.

Registration deadline : Jun 5, 2015
Registration fee: no fee
Preview format : Uploaded file,Standard DVD
Requirements :
1) Accepted genres : Animation
2) Films completed after : January 1st 2013
3) Maximum duration : 15 minutes
4) Country of production : all countries (except Italy)
5) Screening format : Beta SP, DVD Pal, mini DV

SEDICICORTO International
C.P n.8 - S.Martino in Strada
47121 FORLI(FC)
TEL : +39 347 2563211
E-MAIL : info@sedicicorto.it

Viewster Online Film Fest 2015

FESTIVAL DATES : from Mar 12, 2015 to Mar 26, 2015


Escape, Explore and Engage: #VOFF5 will take us on a wild ride through some of the finest animated worlds, from far off galaxies to the worlds within our heads, #VOFF5 will push our boundaries and uncover places we never dreamed existed.

With $50,000 to share amongst the festival winners, #VOFF5 is one of the most highly rewarded animation festivals in the world and it's our online community, who decides which of our films are screened to our Jury of Experts.

In case of selection you will be notified by February 6 latest. Please refrain from asking for your selection status until then.

Registration deadline : Feb 1, 2015
Registration fee: no fee
Preview format : Uploaded file
Requirements :
1) Films completed after : January 1st, 2006
2) Maximum duration : 35 minutes
3) Country of production : All countries
4) Screening format : HD video file, 720p or 1080p, square pixel, 1:1.78 aspect ratio (letter-/pillar-box if necessary), h264 codec, MOV or MP4 container, 8-10 Mbit video bitrate
5) Accepted genres : Animation
6) Language : Must be English spoken language or English subtitles
7) Minimum Duration : 1 minute
8) Rights: : Global rights must be available for online festival screening (including cleared rights for any music used)
9) Theme : movie must fit the theme "Animated Worlds."

check http://festival.viewster.com for more information

Mühlebachstraße 162
CH-8008 Zurich
TEL : Enquiries by email only
E-MAIL : festival@viewster.com

Visegard Animation Forum 2015

Visegard Animation Forum is the biggest PITCHING COMPETITION OF animated PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT in Central and Eastern Europe!

Submit your ANIMATED SHORT OR TV SERIES PROJECT, PRESENT IT AT VISEGRAD ANIMATION FORUM TO AN INTERNATIONAL JURY as well as possible coproduction partners and TV commission editors

- Czech Television Award for the best TV series project – with a free TUTORING of your project by an international TV expert.
- VAF Award for the best short project: 2,000 EUR for following development.

Industry Section of International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm in Trebon on 6th to 8th, May 2015.

SUBMISSION LINK: http://vp.eventival.eu/anifilm/2015

The Forum is organized by the ASAF – Association of Czech Animation
in collaboration with the festival Anifilm,
SPPA – Polish Animation Producers Association,
APAF – Association of Animated Film Producers Slovakia,
DSAF – Slovenian Animated Film Association
and MOME Budapest
organizational support Bonobo studio from Croatia.

For more information, please contact us: ASAF – Association of Czech Animation
Heřmanova 3
170 00,
Praha 7 Holešovice
Czech Republic



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ONE Country ONE Film 2015


Entries are now opened for ONE Country ONE Film 2015, Sixth Edition. Films from more than 90 countries were received in 2014! Thanks to all producers, organizations and film makers for their contributions. They help making OCOF a unique festival!
What's the Concept ? : each film selected is the sole (except for the honored country) representative for its country (country of production or in some cases country of shooting).
What films can participate ?
- All categories : Documentaries, fiction, animation, and experimental films (no music videos, commercials or corporate films)
- All genres (except pornography).
- All durations : from short films to feature lengths films.
- All shooting formats.
- All films completed 2 years or less prior to the festival.
What are the entry fees ? : application to the festival is FREE.
What's the deadline ? : films must reach the festival office no later than March 31st 2015 for ONE Country ONE Film 2015

Important :

If your film is in a language other than french anf if you already have a french subtitled version of your film send this one for the selection.

What do I have to do to enter my film and get a chance to have it represent my country at the festival ? download the entry form and the regulations in PDF format below at the very bottom of this page and follow carefuly the entry procedures that you will find on the entry form. If you have troubles downloading and typing on the PDF form, make sure your version of Adobe Reader is updated. Make sure you have downloaded the pdf file on your computer before filling it up. If you still have troubles let us know by email (contact@onecountryonefilm.com) and we will email you a word version.

Do you accept online submissions ? Although we prefer submissions by regular mail, we now accept free online submissions. Deadlines are earlier than regular submissions.
In order to submit online do the following :
- Download the form at the bottom of this page.
- Fill up the form on your computer and sign it.
- Email us the form  : contact@onecountryonefilm.com

- Email us 3 high quality photos from the film and 1 photo of the director(s).

We'll then give you an entry number so you can submit your film online.

Ok, is there anything else I need to know ? YES! Very important : by entering a film you agree to provide on time for the festival, free of charge, and if needed, a french subtitled version of the film. The Festival's organisation can translate free of charge your film's dialogues and texts from english or other languages to french but you'll have to do the work of puting the subtitles on the film.

The festival will not pay for screeners shipping and screening fees during the festival or at any time. Screeners will not be returned.

Is there any competition ? : The festival has no competition except for the Public Award and the Young Public Award. Being the sole representative of your country IS the competition!

When will I know if I'm selected ? Only one film will be selected per country except for the 2015 honored country which will be announced with the rest of the selection on this site in July 2015. Directors or contacts for the films selected will be reached by email. You can also join our Facebook page and group.  Email spam filters are sometime too zealous so don't forget to always check your spam box in case a good news ends up there!

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Eesti 50. Harrastusfilmide Festival

Eesti Vabariigi 50.harrastusfilmide festivalil võivad osaleda kõik Eestis tegutsevad filmiharrastajate ühendused ning omaette tegutsevad autorid mittekommertslike videofilmidega ja 8-mm ning 16-mm filmide videokoopiatega, mida pole näidatud eelnevatel Eesti Vabariigi harrastusfilmide festivalidel. Filmi pikkus võib olla kuni 30 min.

Osalemiseks festivalil saadavad kõik soovijad filmid ja filmikaardid kuni 16. märtsini 2015.a. (filmi kohalejõudmise kuupäev) aadressil:10507 Tallinn, Narva mnt.1, Box 3567, Jaak Järvine.

Filmid ja filmikaardid võib tuua ise kohale 16.märtsil 2015.a. kella 12.00 – 14.00 aadressil: Tallinn, Sakala 14, Tallinna Kultuuriseltside Teabekeskus (I korrus, sissepääs hoovi poolt, otseuks, tel.6605003).

Festivali zürii otsusega pääsevad paremad filmid festivali lõppvooru, mis toimub laupäeval, 25. aprillil  algusega kell 11.00 kinos Artis (Solarise keskus, Estonia pst.9). Samas toimub ka  festivali lõpetamine ja võitjate autasustamine.

Festivali paremaid filme autasustatakse järgmiselt.

Festivali 3 peaauhinda ja diplomid : parim täiskasvanud autori film (130 EUR), parim filmiüliõpilase film (130 EUR) ja parim kuni 19-aastase autori film (130 EUR). Züriil on õigus vastavad summad ümber jaotada.
   Festivali eriauhinnad ja diplomid: parim debüüt (eraldi kuni 19-a. autorite, filmiüliõpilaste ja täiskasvanud autorite grupis), parim kuni 14-a.autori film, parim kuni 19-a. autori film, parim 60 sekundi pikkune (koos tiitritega) film, parim  animafilm, parim mängufilm, parim eksperimentaalfilm, parim operaatoritöö,  parim muusikaklipp, parim turismifilm, parim eesti kultuuripärandit kajastav film; parim ühekaadrifilm; parim tänapäeva Eesti elu kajastav film; parim üle 65-aasta vanuse autori film. Züriil on õigus vastavatasemeliste filmide puudumisel välja anda teiste nimetustega eriauhindu.

Festivali rändauhinnad ja diplomid: parim tõsielufilm (Max Reikteri /1912-1993/  poolt välja pandud rändauhind), parim portreefilm (Kultuuriministeeriumi poolt 1980.a. välja pandud rändauhind), Hans Vaisma poolt välja pandud rändauhind “Krõõt”.

Festivali eridiplomid.

Kõik teised festivalil osalenud filmid saavad diplomi osavõtu kohta festivalist.

Paremad filmid pannakse autorite nõusolekul pärast festivali üles YouTube`s.
Kõigil on võimalus välja panna eri- ja rändauhindu, millest tuleb Eesti Filmiamatööride Liitu teatada kuni 16.märtsini 2014.a.

  Eesti Filmiamatööride Liit,
  tel. 6484974, 55924240,

VELOBerlin Film Award 2015

Giving bicycle culture a frame

Join the International Online Competition for Bicycle Short Films, powered by Schwalbe tires, CRUMPLER bags, Velokonzept and interfilm Berlin!

Submit your film here: www.veloberlinfilmaward.com/submit-your-film
Website Award: www.veloberlinfilmaward.com
Deadline for Submissions: 18 January 2015

Cycling is a global phenomenon that also manifests locally. Which is why the VELOBerlin Film Award searches the world for diverse films that deal with all manner of topics relating to bikes and respective local cycling cultures!
Win Prizes:

1st prize: Riese und Müller World Birdy Sport worth € 1,200
2nd prize: Auguste 86 bike jacket worth € 400
3rd prize: Carry Freedom Y-Frame Trailer worth € 269
4th prize: CRUMPLER Kill the Messenger - Pro Messenger Bag worth € 240

For its third edition, Velokonzept and interfilm Berlin are once again calling on international filmmakers to send in their short films about cycling.

From all submissions, 15-20 films will be selected to compete in the online competition that aims to wittily and artfully highlight the eclectic viewpoints of the world-wide cycling phenomenon. In February / March 2015, all nominated films will be presented on the award website to face the appraisal of the online audience, which in turn, determines the winners of the VELOBerlin Film Award.

Length: up to 10 minutes
Production Years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
All genres, shooting formats and styles are accepted

The Dates:
14 02 - 21 03 2015: Online Voting
18 - 22 02 2015: Screening at the fair f.re.e Munic
07 - 08 03.2015: Screening at the fair RAD + OUTDOOR Bremen
21 - 22 03 2015: Screening and Award Ceremony at the fair VELOBerlin

Questions!? info@veloberlinfilmaward.com
Be friends!? http://www.facebook.com/veloberlinfilmaward

Submit your film here: www.veloberlinfilmaward.com/submit-your-film
Website Award: www.veloberlinfilmaward.com





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Minu ParoodiaReklaam 2014

Lavasta humoorikas (või surmtõsine) reklaamsketš ja saada meile! Võid parodiseerida mõnda telereklaami või tutvustada toodet, mille oled ise välja mõelnud!

Peamine, et Sul endal oleks seda tore teha ja teistel naljakas vaadata! Vastutasuks premeerime Sind lahedate auhindadega ja kostitame maineka žürii asjalike kommentaaridega. Kui võtad asja tõsiselt ja soovid kunagi reaalselt telereklaame produtseerida, siis Sulle oleme mõelnud eriauhinna - anname võimaluse osaleda professionaalse tiimi töös ning osa võtta reaalse reklaamklipi valmimisest! Näita ennast meile ja võid saada tuule tiibadesse! Aeg head ideed filmilindile saada ja rikastada meie reklaamimaastikku!

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